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The „Black-lung-lie“-lie: How smoker lobbyists lie on behalf of lung cancer and smoker’s leg

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I regularly observe the well known internet channels of the usual suspects amongst the smoker’s lobby groups. Sometimes I find articles that are hard to beleive. Stupid, crazy, close to insanity. But the ultimate bullshit occurs when smokers claim that smoking is not dangerous or even healthy. Sometimes they even present „studies“ or other „scientific“ material as a proof for what they say. And then, due to the fact that I love to investigate, I try to go behind the stories that have been published in favour of lung cancer and smoker’s leg. Let’s find out what is going on with this bunch of stupid excuse for the deadly habit.

Here is one of them:

„Smokers against discrimination“ is a well known desinformation page available on facebook. Recently they posted this article that has been copied later on a German facebook equivalent named „Raucher in Deutschland“:


The „Black-lung-lie“-lie

The German re-poster, Frank Schneidereit, commented: „Sounds sensible“. OK, then let’s see what is „sensible“ about the fact that for example they argue that 80% of lung cancer patients are non-smokers:

One of the citations in the text goes:

Dr. Victor Buhler, Pathologist at St. Joseph Hospital in Kansas City: “I have examined thousands of lungs both grossly and microscopically. I cannot tell you from exmining a lung whether or not its former host had smoked.”

Even when you scan the internet carefully you will never find the origin of the quoting. All that you’ll find are citations of this sentence that Mr. Buhler is claimed to have said once. All from pro-smoking sources. And, next question, when was „once“? And has he said this in reality? Or is it just wishful thinking of the lung cancer fanatics? Dr Victor Buhler can not tell us. He died in the year 1983 as an article in an American local newspaper says (Link). His death was over 32 years ago!

Next thing, a similar case:

“Dr. Duane Carr – Professor of Surgery at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine, said this: “Smoking does not discolor the lung.”

Dr Duane Carr died in the year 1993 (Link) after suffering from longer illness. No original quoting again. Only recitations on smoker’s lobbyist websites. Looks like deja vu.

Next forgery of the smoker’s groups:

‘Nearly 80% of people diagnosed with lung cancer now, in 2012, are non-smokers.’

Those who are engaged in the anti-smoking debate know: This is mere bullshit. Vice versa it makes sense: 80 to 90% of all incidents of lung cancer are related to smoking tobacco. First, let’s check the website that is linked behind the statement. You can see at first glance that this website is of an American doctor who is concerned with treating cancer patients, particularly lung cancer victims. Would she tell such incredible BS? Press Ctrl-F and search for the 80%-statement on the website. And you’ll find…NOTHING.

When the website is skimmed briefly a link can be seen at the top of the article leading to lung cancer related articles on this site. There expectedly is not one article that says that 80% of lung cancer patients are non-smokers. But on page 3 of the list there is an article dealing with risk factors for bronchus (i. e. lung) cancer. And the figures there look „slightly“ different:

Smoking is responsible for at least 80% of lung cancer deaths in the United States. (Source)

Ooops, just the other way round. Not 80% of  the lung cancer cases are in non-smokers but they are related to smoking. I’m a little bit confused, I have to concede.

The other sources in the „Smoker’s against discrimination“ posting, mainly „“, are not worth being examined. „“ in particular is a conspiracy blog based on the desinformation material once published by a certain Joe Vialls. If you understand German, switch to an article on „psiram„, a German group opposing conspiracy theorists..

Well, not it’s time to draw a conclusion. What can radical lung cancer fanatics (i. e. hardcore smokers) do if there is no scientific proof that their habit, or better say „their addiction“, is harmless? The easiest way: Invent something that looks like a scientific proof. Find some academic staff (if they are already dead, it’s even better because they can’t complain about having become victim of a forgery quoting) and put the words that you’d like to hear into their mouth. That’s all folks. There are lots of idiots going to believe you. Most of them carry a cancer stick between their lips while they’re reading your „scientific stories“.


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