C Frank Davis: Mind controlled by Nicotine

27 Dez

Sometimes, when I really don’t have anything better to do (which fortunately does not happen that often!) I follow the facebook pages of the German pro lung cancer group „Netzwerk Rauchen e. V.“. That is a ridicoulus bunch of a few remaining nicotine fanatics. And if then I really still have got too much time I read through the translation of C Frank Davis‘ nictotine addicts‘ blog that is posted frequently on „Netzwerk Rauchen“. Subsequently I regularly start laughing out loudly. To share this exhilaration with you, I would like to point out two entries of recent month that gave an interesting inside view of a the mind of a real nicotine addict.

First, it’s notable that poeple who suffer from severe nicotine addiction even subordinate their political opinion to their, let’s call it, „medical problem“.

Frank Davis obviously once had sympathies for Donald Trump. This really does not make me wonder. Both persons show extremely strange behaviour in public. Mr Trump by giving political statements that are racistic, anti-feministic, islamophobic, intolerant, violent and so on. And Mr Davis behaves like a notorious nicotine freak insulting and defaming people who don’t like smoke and who dare to declare this in public. „Bastards“ for these poeple is one of the nicer utterances Mr Davis uses to speak out when he talks about „Antis“. „Nazis“ and „terrorists“ are two other lexic elements he uses to express his hatred towards people like me. Therefore I’m not surprised to learn that Mr Davis appreciates people like Mr Trump. The problem is: Trump now surprisingly turned out to be an anti-smoker. And this makes Mr Davis a little bit change his mind:

C Frank Davis: Mind-controlled by Nicotine

C Frank Davis: Mind-controlled by Nicotine (Source)

Well, this actually isn’t new to me. Also German hardcore smokers show strong tendency to judge political parties or politicians wether they are pro or anti-smoking. Other facts don’t matter. And Mr Davis now seems to have lost one of his icons. I’m feeling really with you, Mr Davis! But, don’t give up hope! One day there might be another candidate running for US presidency who is a racistic, anti-feministic, islamophobic and radical pro-smoking asshole. But, under certain circumstances you won’t be still alive that time. But maybe you’re lucky.

Next topic. Giving the title „The Disappearance of Private Property“ Mr Davis is deeply concerned about the fact that smoking is now prohibited in British cars if there are children on board. Referring another author who speaks in favor of the ban Mr Davis outrages:

But really now, private property ceased to exist with the smoking ban that the author so fondly approves. A pub is as much private property as a car or a house. The mere fact that the general public are allowed to enter and buy themselves drinks doesn’t make a pub or cafe or restaurant into a public place, any more than my home becomes a public place when I invite friends to it for drinks. (Source)

Oh, a „Pub“ is not a public place? I’m sad that Mr Davis obviously does not know much about his mother tongue. The word „pub“ is derived from the word „public bar“. I would slightly be embarrassed if a foreigner had to explain the language I grew up with to me.

And, obviously as well, Mr Davis has not understood the simple fact that privacy does not justify any actions you exert on other people’s health or life. As far as I know it is prohibited in Britain like it is in Germany e. g. to smash another person’s face even if this person is sitting in the living room of your privately owned house. Nor is it allowed to poison this person or to harm him or her using other means. This simple fact does not come to the mind of Mr Davis who is evidently so seriously depending on nicotine that in his thinking there is no space for some reasonable thoughts. What a pity!

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2 Antworten zu “C Frank Davis: Mind controlled by Nicotine

  1. Latakia

    1. Januar 2016 at 00:45

    • Peter Rachow

      1. Januar 2016 at 12:02

      Seams to be a serious challenge for a person like you to express your opinion by using language. Is the lack in writing skills your only problem or do you have also reading difficulties? 😉


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