„Leo Bauer“ aka Peter Brucha – You can’t teach old dogs news tricks

09 Jun

This is an anti smoking blog. We deal with people with absolutely strange behaviour. Mainly we report on highly aggressive smokers and their tendency to insult on others (namely people who oppose smoking), defaming and cyberbullying them.

Peter Brucha, the subject of this article, is one of them. I first encountered him some years before when he started to defame me on the internet due to the fact that I publish anti-smoking texts. Brucha reportedly is a chain smoker with about 50 cigs per day. He called me (among other things) an alcohol addict and a paedophile.

Peter Brucha is a person who in my opinion has some sort of serious mental disorder. Uncontrolled and extreme aggressiveness is one of the symptoms that are easily observable with him. When he came up on the pro-smoking websites I started to do research on him, respectively his alias, because first he anonymously was hiding his identity behind an internet service that allows domain registration without publishing the registrar’s name ( With two friends from my webforum we quickly found out who was behind that aggressive and booring internet user who called himself „“. We found a person named „Peter Brucha“ from Vienna, Austria.

As I could reasearch, Brucha has never earned any professional qualification. When I got to know him in the year 2011 he was engaged in promoting some sort of internet lotteries. Subject of these lotteries were expensive homes and real estate mainly on Mallorca, high class automobiles like BMWs and other luxury merchandise.

His business model was fairly simple: People who wanted to win a finca on Mallorca for example were offered to draw a lottery ticket for let’s say 100 Euros. Tens of thousands of these tickets were sold by Brucha over a period of some months. Brucha claimed that after all tickets had been sold the drawing of the one lucky winner was going to take place as soon as possible. But, as you can imagine, there was no legal control (for example by a notary or an official institution). All was in Brucha’s hands. The internet is full of people who have suffered severe financial damage by Brucha’s activities. Mainly in Germany and Austria. BTW: In Germany Brucha’s lotteries were illegal, in Austria from where Brucha mainly operated, they were not.

Later, after his lotteries had finally crashed, Brucha seemed to have discovered a new, and above all, more expensive hobby: Historic sailing yachts.

Due to fact that he didn’t have the money to buy and maintain such an expensive old ship, he was always looking for sponsors. But what could he give? Not much. So Brucha must have made up his mind, that a modern and altruistic approach would garuantee the highest probability to get the money he urgently needed. So he declared himself the savier of the seven seas, or something like that.

In Austria he founded an association he called „786 Global Tour“ which he hoped would bring him the money  he needed for chain smoking and for the ships he loved:

Peter Brucha bettelt um Geld / Peter Brucha begging for money

Peter Brucha bettelt um Geld / Peter Brucha begging for money

On facebook and on sailor’s bulletin boards he tried to aquire sponsors and money. With obviously not much success:


Income was equivalent to ZERO. „786 Global“ was closed in spring 2015 due to Austrian authorities. The website still exists.

When researching on Brucha I learned that he and his society „786 Global Meeresschutz“ had a ship that was called „Amor Maris“, which Brucha tried to charter out (Link). There is a group on facebook with the same name as this ship (Link) . In this group on facebook named „AmorMaris“ you can see another sailing ship called „SY Black Swan“:

Leo Bauer und seine "Black Swan"

Leo Bauer und seine „Black Swan“ (Quelle)

This page is run and owned by a person who calls himself „Leo Bauer„. He publishes a lot of postings there. Should it really be the case that this „Leo Bauer“ is identical with Peter Brucha, the greatest of all sailormen after Sir Francis Drake?

I tried Google for finding out material about „SY Black Swan“. I found lots of entries where someone tries to charter out this vessel. But no homepage. Then I did the simpliest thing. I typed into my browser the same adress that „Leo Bauer“ uses as the suffix on facebook: „„. And, Bingo!, I had got it.

First I realized that this website also uses the same WordPress template Brucha has always been using for all his websites. Second I tried to get the contact data (Link). But, surprise, surprise, no „Mr Peter Brucha“ or „Leo Bauer“. Only some people who I’ve never heard about.

Then I checked the domain holder about a WHOIS inquiriy. The result was not surprining:

whois-blackswancom„Godaddy“ the anonymizer service sited in Scottsdale (USA) which Brucha has been using this for years for all his websites. Including his domain which is dead nowadays. You might ask if it really makes sense to anonymize a domain that holds a personal name? Maybe you should ask Mr Brucha. 😉

OK, let’s keep it short: Welcome back, Mr Brucha! Or should I say „Mr Leo Bauer“?

Speaking of „Internetdomain“… Peter Brucha has another expensive hobby. We call it „Domaingrabbing“. This means „Get some web domains, maybe you can use them later or at least sell ‚em!“. Visiting this URL you can find 78 domains, Brucha has reserved so far. Some of them are still active, most are abandoned.

Domainsammlung von Peter Brucha

Domainsammlung von Peter Brucha

One of these ( is pretty interesting. It reveals another operational field of Mr Brucha: High price sado-masochistic events. But this page also seems dead, only two subpages remaining. Seems to have been a great and ultimatively successful business.

Other domains of the Brucha treasure like „“, „“ or „“  might be interesting for those institutions that hold the rights on them. Like „UEFA, „FIFA“, or the German Soccer Association „DFB“ which stands for „Deutscher Fussball Bund“. Maybe Mr Brucha might face some more legal problems within the near future.

OK, Ladies and Gentlemen that’s all for now from the world of luxury sailing yachts and the people who try fundraising to keep them running. I hope I could deliver some information for those who think that sponsoring one of Brucha’s enterprises could be good idea. It is definitely not. Keep your money for better ideas!


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